Who is Dylan?

Hi! My name is Dylan Britt. I want to thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoy looking through my work.

About Me

I am a freelance photographer based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was born in Baton Rouge, but moved away to a small, country town named St. Francisville when I was young. However, I moved back while I was still in elementary school, and I’ve been here ever since. For as long as I can remember capturing moments has always been a passion of mine. I think everyone has moments in their life where they think “I wish this would never end”. I focus on this as I am putting a shot together. I think to myself, “How will this moment look lasting forever?” Whether it’s as simple as someone looking at the ground with a slight smile, or an eye popping concert with thousands in attendance; I look at every shot with the same mindset: Forever